It’s a very interesting work of art for me; and why do I say that? I had never given myself much thought to God or Jesus, nor am I a believer or belong to any religion. Of course I believe in higher powers.

The trigger for this work of art was a 30-minute promotional video on YouTube in which a preacher – his name is Pastor Joseph Prince – quoted verses from the Bible and explained everything well using great examples.

All of this fascinated and captivated me. Unfortunately, I only remembered the name Prince. The next day I wanted to Google him to see more of him. But unfortunately I didn’t find him under the name Pastor Prince.

It was three weeks before I saw another YouTube ad by him. This time I made a note of his name. In the time in between, I came into contact with Jesus in a wide variety of situations. Example: While shopping, a girl came towards me who was wearing a Jesus t-shirt. Another time I asked a woman if she could give me some change. She opened her wallet and lo and behold, she too had a picture of Jesus. In addition, during this phase I heard three audio books that included Jesus. Coincidence? Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Two weeks later, consciously or unconsciously, I created this work of art. I definitely wanted to incorporate something important into this work of art. Somehow it should be something that moves, fascinates and makes people happy. Then the idea of Bitcoin came to me. Furthermore, I imagined his heart as the blockchain. This is how the story and the work finally came about.

To this day, many people are puzzling over who the inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is. I therefore dedicate this work of art to the inventor who is known under the (pseudonym) Satoshi Nakamoto.





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